Dance India Dance Lil Masters

Dance India Dance Lil Masters 5 22nd May 2022

Today’s DID L’il Masters Season 5 22nd May 2022 episode starts with the host reminding the audience about the start of public voting for the contestants.

The show starts with Nobojit’s extraordinary performance with a glimpse of Malkam in it impresses everyone.

Remo names Nobojit the Bahubali of Dance on DID Little Masters’ stage.

Further, Robambo calls Jay Bhanushali green capsicum as he is dressed in a green outfit.

The next performer is Rishita from Team Vaibhav. Rishita showcases a mesmerizing dance act with master moves that is loved by all the judges.

After the performance, Aadhyashree and Rishita entertain everyone with their cute little fights.

Sanvi from Team Paul comes in as a Europian Mummy and amazes everyone with her awesomely choreographed dance act that she plays with full energy.

Further, Sanvi and Aarav expose each other’s secret that makes everyone laugh their heart out.

To continue the show, Sagar Varpe from Team Paul creates a magical environment with her extremely stunning dance act with amazing props used to the fullest.

The next performance by Sadiya from Team Vartika is a dance act where Sadiya is dressed as the horror movie character IT.

Sadiya’s performance horrifies and impresses all the judges as she plays the role of the horrific character with perfection.

Robambo shares that people on his planet call him Rombya as a pet name.

To everyone’s surprise, Aadhyashree asks Robambo to expose her father’s lies.

For the same, Robambo uses his alien machine which is a lie detector.

Aadhyashree’s mother asks questions to her husband which he’ll answer and the lie detector will do its job.

This game entertains everyone to the great extent.

Jay concludes the episode by announcing that there will be no eliminations this week but a little master will leave the show next week according to the scores and public voting of this week that is live till 23rd May 2022 morning.

End of today’s 22 May 2022 Dance India Dance Little Masters episode.

This program offers a platform for young dancers, where they compete through various challenging rounds to win. The show is judged by dance masters Raghuram, Pritiviraj and Raghav. Amazing show. Dancing their way into the audience’s hearts, the little masters are back in action as they battle it out to win the prized title. What surprised me most is the enormous talent of this l’il kids. Not only their dance but also mic skill are great. Judges are equally great

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